Feed My Lambs Mystical Poems of Earth and Fire

Feed My Lambs Mystical Poems of Earth and Fire
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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Artwork in Book

Unfortunately due to printing costs the beautiful images that were used in this book are in black and white. I have included on this page three of the actual color paintings that appear in my book by the artist Paula Barbarotto, as well as the mystical photo of The Bird in Flight by James Barbarotto which can be seen at the top of this post and which is the first image of the book. I have included  a link to Paula's web site so anyone interested in her paintings can click the image to see what other work she has done and is available for sale. Poetry and art are sister forms of expression of the Beauty of the One and her nature scenes evoke the feeling of the Divine as well.

The painting on the upper right side, The Tunnel is also included in the book before the poem The Tunnel which was the very first poem written at the age of 16 and which reflected a certain spiritual theme of my life, as I look back.

Spirituality increases one's sensitivity to beauty, as it can be seen in nature and art, or heard in the sounds of nature or music. For the mystic all life forms express the Divinity as Saint Francis of Assisi exemplifies with an almost magical reverence for all God's creatures and the response he elicits from their innocence. In my poetry I celebrate that even the rocks and crystals and so called inanimate forms sing the praises of the Creator with joy. Scroll down to end of page to see some of these paintings, the first two are used in the book.