Feed My Lambs Mystical Poems of Earth and Fire

Feed My Lambs Mystical Poems of Earth and Fire
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Friday, July 22, 2016

Testimonial and Review

"Carl's inspired, mystical poetry takes the reader beyond humaneness to the deepest Truths of the soul in the remembrance of Oneness. These illumined words create images that literally dance off the page as one opens to childlike innocence, freedom and liberation. Themes of surrender, mystery, emptiness, formlessness, forgiveness, vision, atonement and others are lovingly and artfully addressed leading the reader from knowing spiritual truths intellectually to the aliveness of embodiment. Carl's words are pointers to deep inner silence, the ground of being, beyond all words, beliefs, concepts and thoughts of separation. Carl's poetry makes my soul sing and cry with joy in the recognition of coming Home to Truth."

Beth Hampton
Psychotherapist and Spiritual Director