Feed My Lambs Mystical Poems of Earth and Fire

Feed My Lambs Mystical Poems of Earth and Fire
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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Celebrating the Mystical Experince

The spiritual poetry expressed in Feed My Lambs Mystical Poetry of Earth and Fire celebrates the mystical experience and non duality. A warm welcome to all spiritual seekers and poetry lovers. I hope potential readers and those interested in the spiritual mystical path, may find solace with the poetry in this book and the feeling expressed on this page. The poems in this book reflect a complete collection by the author spanning a long time period and reflect a wide range of subjects and style.  

It is not just another poetry book, but provides spiritual principles and a meditative contemplations of the reality of the Presence of God. 

A sample poem, Beyond Form is posted below and is the first poem in the book.
The author has received much feedback on this poem as it seems to have moved many.

The inspirational, spiritual, mystical, modern poetry and meditations and for those inclined towards the Mystical Path, may serve as songs of healing and joy. Appealing to lovers of poetry with a wide range of themes from the mystical to the sensual, from the earthy to the inspirational, this work is really two books in one.  

From the Introduction, "The poems in the first part of this work, called Feed My Lambs, were given to me in moments of uplift, more times than not, on silent retreats. After a long period in which nothing was written, I had a wonderful experience at a monastery in Northern Virginia, in which the first of these poems, Assumption to Truth emerged. It took place in total silence and in a communal setting where the consciousness of the group seemed to find voice therein. These took on their own life force and could be more technically called poetic meditations and reflect spiritual principles that have come to me in my journey on the Path."

Please continue to scroll down to the end of the page to view the art work included in the book, that is taken from paintings of Paula Barbarotto and  can be viewed in color.

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Carl Barbarotto