Feed My Lambs Mystical Poems of Earth and Fire

Feed My Lambs Mystical Poems of Earth and Fire
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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Beyond Form First Poem In Book

Before the beginning of time,
Before the manifestation of form,
Before the differentiation of opposites,
Before the incarnation on this physical plane,

I know neither death nor life,
nor form nor matter -
I AM – not the body.
I AM – not the mind.
I AM – not the emotions.

I AM in the Stillness –
in the still small voice you will find Me.
I AM in the calm between the storm,
I AM that which is beneath the ground of being.
I AM that which is beyond the sight of mortals -
Beyond the physical sense of body that
fades and dies.
I AM not in the corpse that lies in the coffin.

I AM beyond the beauty of mountain heights.
I AM beyond the beauty of poppy fields
blooming red against the cloudless blue sky.
I AM beyond the ocean waves and tides,
Beyond the ethereal foam the waves wash ashore.
Beyond the mountain’s fog -
Beyond the mingling of corporeal bodies
in the temporary ecstasy of physicality.

I AM beyond the creations of mind –
Beyond thoughts -
Beyond fear, anticipation, worry-
Beyond sadness, gloom, despair.

 I AM that which fills the void
of all space –
I AM in between the molecules of matter.
I AM beyond the spectrum of
observable colors.

I AM closer to you than breathing,
I AM closer to you than the
blood coursing through your veins –
closer than the beating of your heart.
I AM in the quiet stillness of the
breath – halted;
in this moment-less Peace – I AM.

Hold not yourself in condemnation or criticism –
for these are no things.
Hold no being in the illusion of sin or evil,
for they are without substance or reality.

Forgive 70 x 70 and then more,
in each new breath – Forgive.
Forgive yourself –
Forgive your parents –
Forgive your children –
Forgive your brothers and sisters –
Forgive your friends –
Forgive your enemies.
Forgive the living and the dead-
Forgive those who pass from sight –
for they will know and receive this loving
absolution –
and they will be free.

Forgive yourself for feeling that
you have to forgive –
for you are as I created you –
My loving Son
in whom I AM well pleased.

You are formless, limitless –
boundless Light,
dancing to the timelessness of joy -
a luminescent cloud of infinite lightness,
floating on the transparency of
eternal bliss.

Copywrite@2009 Carl Barbarotto
Please Do Not Copy or Reprint without express permission of Author